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Feminist Zealots or Useful Addition to Front Line Forces?

Feminist Zealots or Useful Addition to Front Line Forces?

women soldiersColonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces on the front line in Afghanistan, has recently caused quite a stir with his outspoken comments about the female recruitment surge which fell at the first hurdle. The Royal Armoured Corps is one of the British Army’s largest and most important regiments for conventional warfare land forces deployments.

The RAC recently invited applications from female soldiers which, if they are accepted, would mean British ladies fighting in tank battalions for the first time in history. There was just one small problem despite this beacon of modern liberalism welcome all ladies with open arms…… they didn’t really want to!

In early 2016, the first combat unit opening its doors to women was our very own Royal Armoured Corps. There was much praise from the politicians (who made it happen of course!) The trouble was their claims that women would join in their droves proved quite misguided and presumptuous when a ridiculously small number of women actually volunteered to take up this “opportunity”.

The MOD recently released information after a Freedom Of Information Act Request was placed upon them. The information released under the FOI request showed that just 70 female army recruits had enquired about joining the RAC and of those 70, only around 30 of them had the RAC down as their “first choice”, in other words the rest of them had it further down the sheet of possible attachments.

As Colonel Kemp pointed out in no uncertain terms, and I have to agree with him here, this is an exercise in political correctness which jeapordises both the safety of the thousands of male troops alongside whom those few women will serve, and the safety of the entire Army. The drive towards extreme liberalism where the roles of men and women are increasingly blurred is frankly an exercise in the ridiculous. Women generally do not want to serve alongside men in every single role they perform, and this is no longer just a theory or a belief, but is a proven fact based on these figures. And quite honestly, I would not want a daughter of mine to WANT to serve alongside men on the front line. You can bleat on about equality all you like, but in my opinion my daughter is NO LESS FREE by being back on home soil, safe and sound and not facing bullets or missiles, so thanks very much for the offer but no thanks all the same! Thankfully my daughter feels the same way!

Colonel Kemp was quoted as saying “The Army did not want this, but it was forced on them by politically-correct politicians and feminist zealots who themselves would not dream of serving in close combat units.”

He is spot on, and he should be given credit for speaking his real mind unlike the politicians forcing this insane policy on the British Army.


Call me old fashioned, you won’t be the first by a long chalk, but I joined the military with the idea of protecting the women and children of my homeland, not to die alongside them. What’s the point in that? And for those who would say “women are just as important as men” my answer would be “No they are not, they are MORE important than men!” And that is precisely why I do not want them dying on the front line, but staying safely out of harms way while the physically stronger gender go and risk their stupid necks for the greater good! Why do news reports even to this very day still talk of how many “women and children” are dying in Aleppo, Syria, or in refugee camps in Calais or Ukraine? If we are all 100% equal, how come these liberal journalists still get to talk about “women and children”. Why don’t the dying men carry as much importance as those women? Why? Because truthfully, the men’s lives are NOT as important. The death of men is tragic and horrible, but not AS tragic and horrible as the death of women.

For those who seek to accuse people with beliefs like mine of being bigotted, I would say quite the opposite. I value women’s lives MORE THAN YOU! So let them tend the wounded, feed the families left behind, hell even run the government, but stay safely out of flying shrapnel. I truly mean it when I say it’s no place for a women. The feminists take this statement to mean I think less of women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s an unfair accusation without any basis, but it serves their purpose to silence the few people left who are prepared to hold onto more traditional values. I think too much of any women I know, than to want to see them in war. That’s my only point here.

I will end with what I think are some excellent and brave words by Colonel Kemp:

“Having a very tiny minority of women serving in what will remain pretty much all-male units will be counter-productive and harmful to morale and combat effectiveness.

The whole thing will turn out to be a very costly, damaging and futile exercise in political correctness, funded, of course, by the taxpayer.”

Is it the end of cavalry, as Dragoons are to be merged with infantry?

Is it the end of cavalry, as Dragoons are to be merged with infantry?

One of Scotland’s oldest regiments is to be merged with the infantry. The end of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards marks the demise of the British Army’s cavalry after 350 years.

The cavalry, which dates back to the Civil War in the 1640s, will no longer be able to operate as an independent force but will instead be restructured and combined with the infantry into a “combat capability directorate”, according to a leaked army document.

It is feared the famous regimental names of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and the King’s Royal Hussars might be lost. These two regiments are likely to be split up into squadrons and incorporated into infantry battalions.

The restructuring of the army will create three more capability directorates. Artillery and engineers forming the combat support capability directorate. Logistics and electrical and mechanical engineering forming the combat service support capability directorate. Signals and intelligence forming the combat information capability directorate.

Yesterday a Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “The Defence Secretary recently announced the most radical transformation of the MoD in a generation, giving the chiefs greater power to run their services.

“The army’s new capability directorates will be more agile and responsive, providing capability development and delivery better aligned to the rest of defence.”