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Official website of the British Army. Includes information on careers, the equipment and role of the Army, current operations and regimental histories.

Ministry of Defence

The official website of the ministry of defence.

Royal Armoured Corps – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) is currently a collection of ten regular regiments, mostly converted from old horse cavalry regiments, and four Yeomanry.

Royal Armoured Corps – ARRSEpedia

Royal Armoured Corps. It’s either the people who drive tanks around Household Cavalry, Cavalry and Royal Territorial Army

Territorial Army

Provides information about the activities and locations of the TA, including an interactive map and details of careers.

The Royal Armoured Corps

Welcome to the homepage of The British Household Cavalry & Royal Armoured Corps (HCav & RAC).


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Britain’s Small Wars

An elightening collection of  historical British Military Conflict since 1945. This site aims to educate younger generations of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who have been fighting small wars to defend Britain’s shrinking empire since the end of World War Two. A fantstic resource.

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Vast collection of military figures and gifts from across all services. Easy to navigate website and a trusted online retailer.


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Useful, personalised information for all things to do with the Royal Tank Regiment (3RTR), the West Country’s own Armoured Regiment.


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An extensive amount of independent information relating to the British Empire – it’s history, culture and military campaings. A really useful site.


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Dedicated to commemorating the men of Wolverhampton, who gave their lives in the two World Wars and later conflicts.


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A comprehensive online retailer of military books, that specialises in WW11. With regular updates to their databases, and special online offers, ‘World War Two books’ represent a great way to buy military books.


East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association

East Midlands Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. Our role is to provide support for the Reserve and Cadet Forces of all three Services in the East Midlands.


Westminster Dragoons Squadron

The Royal Yeomanry are central London’s only Territorial Army armoured reconnaissance unit.


A living history of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Force


Think Defence

Think Defence is the collected ramblings of a few people that wish defence to go much higher up the UK national agenda, recognising that the answer is not always more money but better spending.


Famous members of the Royal Armoured Corps

Prince Harry of Wales


Duke of Westminster

The Current Duke of Westminster (6th Duke of Westminster) is Gerald Grosvenor.


James Blunt

The Official James Blunt Website.